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The practice of soil conservation prevents soil degradation—an agricultural problem that costs us and the environment big time.

Organic farmers conserve soil when they produce organic goods.

However, conventional farmers degrade soil during the agricultural production of conventional goods.

So, one of many advantages of choosing organic instead of conventional goods is that…

…their production protects us and the environment from the consequences of soil degradation.

Want to know more?

In my e-book: Soil Conservation: An Organic Farming Practice with Environmental Benefits you will discover:

  • What exactly the conservation of soil is
  • Why conserving soil is so important
  • Which organic farming techniques conserve soil
  • How conserving soil benefits the environment
  • Which conventional farming techniques degrade soil
  • How degrading soil harms the environment
  • How you can help conserve soil

My mom and I are offering this e-book to you for FREE!

Why? Because we are dedicated to showing you how you can better your life and the environment by choosing the organic way instead of the conventional.

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