Why Should YOU Try Organic Living Instead?

Why go organic? The moment that my mom and I pondered this question was the event that led to the positive transformation of our lives—from improving our health to protecting the environment.

Even though I lived in a modest house during my early school years, it was situated on a beautiful property. The second my mom saw the five budding apple trees, heard the serene ripple of the creek, and smelled the sweet mint plants and blackberry bushes, she decided that this would be where we would live. As you might expect, growing up in the country caused me to develop an affinity for nature.

Then, we had to move to a metropolitan city. This relocation was tragic to me. For the first time, I read “no swimming” signs near contaminated water, I smelled toxic fumes from industrial plants, and I saw smog that was so thick that I could not tell what the real color of the sky was anymore.

No wonder it was here in the city where both my mom and I developed a host of health problems.

We longed to find a sense of belonging in a place that seemed so foreign to us. We aspired to do something about our polluted environment. We also hoped to unearth a remedy for the illnesses we suffered.

Searching for a solution to these problems, my mom and I did a little digging. We learned that most of the mainstream products we consumed—from the foods we ate to the clothes we wore—were produced and processed with toxic chemicals that had contributed to our medical issues and polluted our surroundings!

This finding led us to discover organic products: a people— and environmental-friendly alternative to toxic mainstream goods.

Take for instance, orange juice and a cotton t-shirt produced and processed organically. The farming— of both the orange that makes the juice and the cotton fiber that makes the shirt— does not involve the conventional use of toxic chemicals such as carcinogenic pesticides. Also, the processing—or conversion of the orange into juice and the fiber into cotton fabric—does not involve the use of additional harmful chemicals such as dyes that are used in the mainstream manufacture of such goods.


So why did we go organic?...

...Because it fulfilled our wishes to become healthy, find a sense of home and protect the environment.


The lack of dangerous synthetic chemicals in the production of organic products means that they:

  • Do not endanger human health like mainstream products. You can probably guess that when my mom and I started to only buy these nontoxic products we became healthier.
  • Maintain a nearly untouched connection with nature. By using these goods my mom and I were able to return to our “down-home” roots no matter where we lived.
  • Do not pollute the environment like mainstream goods. When we purchased these environmental-friendly products, my mom and I were able to do our part in decreasing demand for the popular goods whose production pollutes the environment.

Try Organic Living like Us and Satisfy Your Hopes too!

Whether you are a nature-lover desiring to save the environment, a city-dweller looking to return to your “down-home” roots, a self-improver longing to live a healthier lifestyle, a new parent aspiring to find the safest baby products, or a pet owner looking to protect your beloved dog’s health, my mom and I can help!

In this web site we provide you with everything you need to know to go organic including information about:

  • The toxic production of specific mainstream goods—how they hurt you and the environment and which to avoid
  • How organic products benefit you, your loved ones and the environment and which goods are the safest including: food, pet food and supplies, baby products, body care products, clothing fabrics for the home, cleaning products, gift baskets and more!
  • Other tips on how to live a healthier, environmental-friendly lifestyle including the basics of gardening—so you can grow your own foods!

We wish you the best on your journey to improving your life, and that of your loved ones as well as the environment!